Top 31 Small Business On Facebook

Economists contend that Facebook offers various non-rivalrous services that benefit as many interested parties as possible without direct opposition to one another. Facebook and its related products are used by over 90 million small businesses worldwide. And anyone may establish a small business on Facebook with the best website builder and efficient marketing. 

This blog will show what are the top ideas for small businesses on Facebook.

Let’s begin!

31 Small Businesses On Facebook

You can build your eCommerce website using either a paid or free website builder. If you don’t want to make a website yet, leverage these top 31 small businesses on Facebook.


Many bloggers use Facebook posts for microblogging. Facebook is great for sharing short videos, images, and text-based content. 

Facebook Shop

Thanks to Facebook’s initiative to support small businesses, users can sell their goods through their Facebook page. You can also create a website through an eCommerce website builder like Shopivana to take your Facebook business to the next level.

Graphic Design and Promotion

This Facebook business idea primarily aims at graphic designers who already run their businesses. If this describes you, selling flier, poster, and banner designs on Facebook is a viable source of income.


Photographs are shot with the intention of being shared and shown on social media. If you have decent photography skills you can start creating a strong online identity grow your business on Facebook.

 Video Ad Creation Business

In this Facebook business idea, an efficient workflow guides you through the process, aided by well-crafted film scenarios and ad templates.

 Managing Facebook Page

The primary goal is to create the Facebook profile of your business and earn money from it. You can make money by including links in your page. These links will help boost website traffic and sales.

 Facebook Advertising Manager

One of the most lucrative businesses to launch on Facebook is Ad manager. Learn about keyword research and PPC marketing and start your Ads business on Facebook. 

 Freelance writing

Facebook offers numerous opportunities for freelancers, small businesses, and even large e-commerce corporations to sell their goods or services. You can start a writing page and start publishing your own articles.

Affiliate marketing

You can persuade customers to buy other people’s products through affiliate marketing. When You will be paid a predetermined commission on each sale that comes through you.

Brand Promoter

You will be responsible for publishing useful information about a company to persuade your target audience to use its products. However, it is not always for patronage but rather for brand recognition.

Online t-shirt Business

You can achieve your online success by producing t-shirt designs that appeal to them. It has a low setup-up cost. Showcase your designs on your Facebook page and choose a website builder to open a website for your t-shirt business.


A podcast is typically listened to via a smartphone app, and its author earns money by running advertisements.

Social Media Marketing Service

You can use Facebook to start your own social media marketing business. Help small businesses raise brand awareness, build an online following, acquire leads, and close more sales.

Sale Facebook Page

Fan pages can be bought from other users and resold to generate revenue. In either case, you will receive money in your bank account.

Facebook Ads Consultant

You can also start a consultancy by launching your ad management business. Enable Facebook advertisers to find vetted service providers knowledgeable about removing barriers and establishing the best Facebook marketing.

Event Promoter

Event promoters publicize gatherings such as concerts, sporting events, and fairs. You can advertise events on Facebook and earn money.

Online Travel Advisor

On Facebook, a career as an online travel adviser may be the ideal fit for you. It’s exciting and enjoyable. Furthermore, you get to beautiful market locations from the comfort of your home while also educating customers.

Content Strategist

At Facebook, content strategists are in charge of developing empathetic, comprehensible experiences. A content strategist’s job description includes planning, designing, creating, editing, and publishing relevant material. 

Social Media Influencer

The ideal platform for business influencers to interact authentically with people and expand their following is Facebook. You can help these leaders to communicate directly with their followers while maintaining complete control over their communication.

Web Flipping Business

You can buy an existing dormant website, improving it overall, and increasing website traffic. The way valuation works is a big reason why website flipping is so profitable.

Language Translator 

Thanks to Facebook, it is now quicker and easier to connect with individuals worldwide. We now have new and improved methods for translating and interpreting the various languages we encounter to facilitate communication.

Meme Marketing Business

The process of leveraging memes to advance your brand’s narrative is known as meme marketing. Memes are easily shared, so it’s a fun and simple way to engage your audience and grow your following.

Facebook Commerce Business

Commerce Manager is the primary tool for all your online selling activities on Facebook. You can manage your product catalogs and view sales activity.

Community Manager

The community manager job can help build brand personality and consumer trust, ultimately boosting brand awareness and business performance.

Social Game Development Business

By utilizing a player’s current social network, social gaming enables games to provide original material and personalities. 

Live Facebook Group Hangout Business

Facebook Hangouts have a lot of potentials. You can indulge in live conversation with others and aid in the formation of more robust social bonds.

Video Ad Creation Business

Like still ads, you can also opt for a video ads business. Follow an efficient workflow along with well-crafted film scenarios and ad templates.


You can provide mentorship programs and sell books on Facebook. You may organize training programs and impart some knowledge to the public.

Fitness Trainer

If you have an interest in fitness, become an online fitness coach on facebook and start earning money. 

Social Media Automation Business

Social media automation refers to using automated techniques to improve social interactions. This can include scheduling social media updates ahead of time or reposting popular content.

Social Media Copywriter

Copy is the marketing text you write to accompany the images in your Facebook ad. Unlike content writing, copywriting is about convincing readers to take the desired action.


Starting a small business on Facebook is not difficult. And if you have assistance from Shopivana, the best website builder, Scaling your business is even easier. 

Shopivana allows you to establish your business without any hassles. It includes all the necessary tools for getting started, such as sophisticated themes, top-notch marketing tools, payment and shipping integrations, and more. 

So what are you waiting for? Think of an out-of-the-box idea to get your business off the ground.

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