The Best B2B eCommerce Platform For 2022

Which B2B eCommerce platform is ideal for your company? Do all eCommerce website builders offer B2B services? If any of these questions are bothering you, you have landed at the right page? 

According to the Statista Research Department, the market size of the B2B eCommerce industry is likely to increase to about 350 billion US dollars by 2030. Additionally, India has the potential and is growing exponentially. 

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Thus, due to the growing number of clients who choose to buy online, ecommerce enterprises are experiencing a significant spike in demand, creating a favorable market condition. The question for today’s ambitious entrepreneurs is how to capitalize on this expanding market.

In today’s business-to-business landscape, companies rely on everything from ERP systems to self-service chatbots to manage sales. However, we believe that the most significant tool for a newbie is the appropriate eCommerce website builder.

So, here are a few B2B eCommerce systems with the proper features and functionalities to help your B2B business.

The Most Effective B2B eCommerce Platforms

To the reader’s knowledge, B2C and B2B selling overlap in various aspects. But, in both cases, the company must establish long-term relationships with its target audience and existing customers. You must design a first-rate user experience and utilize data analytics insights to accomplish this. 

A lot of eCommerce website builders have similar features and capabilities. But it is critical to carefully examine each top platform to choose which best matches your requirements.

And for this reason alone, we have discussed the 5 best eCommerce platform solutions in this blog.

1. Shopivana

To begin with, Shopivana is the best B2B eCommerce website builder that aims to assist companies, distributors, and wholesalers expand their business online. This website builder provides a scalable business environment that combines information, orders, and transactions into a single localized platform.

Moreover, business owners can offer a self-service portal feature to their customers to browse the product selection, place orders, and complete checkout. The portal is self-sufficient to generate prior purchases and help users reorder with real-time information on order and shipping statuses.

Additionally, Shopivana has built-in templates that you may use to alter your customer-facing pages and portals. Your B2B eCommerce store may come to life with the help of the platform’s high-end marketing elements. It includes all the marketing functionality required for all company needs. 

You only need to pay a little extra if you require more sophisticated functionalities like 3D printing, iOS, Android applications, etc. Overall, compared to other website builders, Shopivana is a fully-fledged platform offering every service a B2B business needs. 

Shopivana features include:-

  • Analytics and reporting
  • A visual editor integrated with a customer management tool
  • Customer self-service sales quotes and private personal business email
  • Built-in SEO capabilities

2. Shopify Plus

Shopify has long been regarded as one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Shopify Plus combines all the features that have helped Shopify become one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms with premium capabilities targeted at high-volume sellers. 

Shopify Plus is popular among businesses because it is extremely flexible, works smoothly with most ERP and CRM software, supports over 100 payment providers and all foreign currencies, and enables businesses to manage B2B and B2C sales from the same platform. 

However, if you select to use another payment gateway than Shopify, the transactional cost will be a little extra than usual.

Shopify features include:-

  • An efficient eCommerce platform that can handle 8000 orders per minute
  • Numerous apps and a large network of Shopify Plus Partners
  • Twenty sales channels can be managed from a single dashboard.
  • Sophisticated custom pricing

3. OpenCart

Because it is open-source and cost-free, OpenCart is among the most widely used B2B eCommerce platforms worldwide. It will be difficult for your business to find another free eCommerce platform with many features and functionalities. 

OpenCart offers various services, features, and capabilities that a business requires to run an online store. Other eCommerce platforms charge extra, such as robust SEO tools and a sizable library of extensions and themes.

Utilize online marketplaces like Alibaba to connect with wholesale buyers worldwide. Organizations have access to the biggest marketplace platforms in the world thanks to OpenCart’s B2B multi-channel marketplace. 

Additionally, business owners can utilize a single dashboard to manage their listings. Although the platform is cost-free, there may be a charge for certain extensions and themes.

OpenCart features include:-

  • High-quality free assistance
  • Built-in SEO elements and tools
  • Free and open-source
  • Several different extensions and themes

4. Magento

Popular eCommerce platform Magento allows for both B2C and B2B selling. All sizes of organizations can benefit from Magento. Some of Magento’s key advantages are easy installation, little maintenance, great features, and a fantastic total cost of ownership value.

Your B2B targeted audience can self-manage the accounts with your company using this eCommerce platform. Also, it allows the user to manage their credit, examine a complete history of orders, and track bids without needing to speak with customer service. 

However, some of the top-notch integration functionalities seen in other leading eCommerce systems are not present in Magento. Additionally, this platform may be expensive for low-volume B2B sales. The structure of the system is enormous and complicated. Therefore, you will want extremely capable and experienced teams of developers and testers to construct an online store.

Magento features include:-

  • Several B2B features and capabilities
  • Specific pricing
  • Reliable performance on the cloud
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools

5. BigCommerce

The most integrating eCommerce platform on this list is probably BigCommerce. Each and every tool your business needs to launch and operate successfully is available on the BigCommerce platform. It provides a full range of features and tools to get your online store up and to operate and integrate with your other business tools.

BigCommerce provides businesses with PCI DSS support in addition to strong tools and smooth interfaces to assist them in making sure they are safeguarding sensitive client financial data.

Moreover, BigCommerce provides quote generators. Create a quote builder to provide thorough product or service quotes to consumers anytime. You have to pay quite a bit to use the abandoned cart capability compared to some of its rivals. In many cases, the free themes are very identical to one another.

BigCommerce features include:-

  • Simple features for subscription and reordering
  • Options for B2B-specific payments
  • Connections with other business tools that are seamless (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Choices for advanced shipping

Wrapping up 

Whether you’re selling wholesale products to developers, business owners, and investors or providing digital services and education, you’ll need a website. Our list of top 5 eCommerce website builders includes the best ones that B2B businesses frequently use. 

Typically, a B2B eCommerce platform should be sophisticated, professional-looking, and secure. Compare these options and make a note of your requirements to make an informed decision!