PROS and CONS of Website Builders for Small Business

Do you think social media or any other mode by itself can give you much influence over your clientele or marketing? 

We hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong!

The only thing that can help you reach the pinnacle of success is a WEBSITE. Rest everything complements it. 

Having a website is quintessential for small businesses. Additionally, for your target audience to trust your brand more, they need to visit your website.

Thankfully, with the help of Ecommerce website builders, building a solid website with an excellent design has become easy for small businesses.

These website builders are popular owing to the plethora of benefits they offer. Ease of use, enormous functionalities, and power-packed performance are just a few.

However, everything has two sides! Both good and evil. To help you decide between both options, we have written a detailed guide discussing the pros and cons of website builders. 

Let’s begin!

Pros of Using Website Builders for Small Business

Here are some of the PROS of why you should use a website builder for your small business:

1. Pricing

The associated cost is the primary reason that most small business owners choose website builders over hiring a professional developer to build their websites. An eCommerce website builder like Shopivana or Wix is a more cost-effective option for new or smaller businesses, offering various flexible options to meet your specific needs and budget. This website builder also provides a 10-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the platform.

2. Easy-to-Use

Another fantastic advantage of website builders for small businesses is their ease of use. They are ideal for beginners with little to no experience in web design. Many of these Ecommerce website builders include a simple drag-and-drop builder that allows anyone to add pieces and content to their website quickly. When you’re ready to go live, press the publish button.

Most website developers also offer free, high-quality website templates to choose from. Because many of these builders are all-in-one platforms with all the necessary and complementary capabilities for developing an online presence – all in one place – you don’t have to worry about hosting, emails, or support when using them.

3. Time-Saving

You already have a limited amount of time as a small business owner. When you have a long list of tasks to complete, including building and maintaining a comprehensive website, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

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Using website builders, you can quickly create professional-looking websites that you can later modify to suit your needs. The best builders include tools that allow you to create content quickly and professionally.

4. Social Media Integration

When someone searches for your business on Google, your social media profiles should appear alongside your website, and potential customers may visit those to learn more about your company.

There is no need to install plugins because most website builders like Shopivana have built social network integrations. Connecting your website to Facebook allows you to expand your social network and stay more connected.

5. Zero Maintenance

Your website must grow as your business grows by updating the content and adding new pages. A website builder tool includes all the features needed to keep your site running smoothly and free of viruses and technical issues. While some people relish the challenge of managing their website, the majority outsource this responsibility to a professional.

Cons of Using Website Builders for Small Business

The CONS of using a website builder are listed below:

1. Ownership

If you use a website builder, you do not have complete control over your website. It is the issue—not just the limitations and lack of customization options for more complex websites but also the likelihood of starting from scratch as your website expands and requires new features.

You cannot migrate your website, specific pages, graphics, or other aspects if you do not own it. Leaving a website builder’s platform is extremely difficult.

2. Fewer Pages

Many free website builders limit the number of pages you can create. They may, for example, allow you to publish up to five pages per website. Most websites will require more pages, and you need to upgrade to a paid plan to add more content.

3. Additional Ongoing Expenses

Calculate the exact monthly cost you will incur. It could be much higher than you anticipate. However, additional apps such as email marketing, SMS marketing, upscaling, and other programs that improve the efficiency of your store may not have been factored into your calculations. While a platform like Shopivana offers these free, many website builders might charge hefty amounts.

These recurring costs add up over time. As a result, calculate your monthly fees with the best website builders ahead of time.

4. SEO

Website builders have search engine optimization (SEO) limitations when compared to custom, professionally built websites. Using a website builder will make ranking your website in search engines like Google more difficult. Keyword stuffing, broken links, and poor site performance can all affect your SEO efforts. A website builder may also generate shoddy code, making it difficult for Google to scan your site and apply future changes.

Should Small Businesses Choose Website Builders?

Given the increase in free website builders for small businesses, some essential factors should be considered when choosing the best. 

Now that you know everything about website builders, what will you likely choose to create a website? 

In our opinion, there is an excellent website builder for small businesses that overpowers all the mentioned disadvantages! 

Shopivana has excellent eCommerce features and customization tools to create the website of your dreams. Some advantages of choosing Shopivana are:

  • Custom Templates: Shopivana provides a diverse range of professional website design templates and themes to cater to every market niche. 
  • For Beginners: Even people with little to no technical knowledge can use the website builder to create a website.
  • Mobile Friendly: This eCommerce website builder offers a mobile app for managing all aspects of your business, such as orders, clients, marketing, and customer service.
  • Cost Effective: Shopivana is ideal for small businesses due to its pricing. Furthermore, no commission fees are applied to earnings.


After reading about the advantages and disadvantages of website builders for small businesses, we hope you will find it easier to create a website. However, assessing your requirements, business size, and financial constraints is essential to choose the ideal way to create a website. 

If you are a beginner, and looking to kickstart your business in no time, you will find website builders perfect. The pre-designed templates, pre-populated web pages, and ready-to-use applications fast-track your way towards website creation. 

So, consider these pros and cons, and evaluate your requirements before creating a website!

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