How To Sell Gifts Online?

An ‘online gift store’ is a good business plan to venture into if you’re looking for new business ideas. After all, the market is expected to expand from $119 million in 2019 to $159 million in 2025. 

Selling gifts online involves more than designing a website and uploading product images. To be successful, you need passion, expertise, and marketing skills. However, the good news is that numerous tools and free website builders help you with your online gift shop. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need: How to sell gifts and handicraft items online?

A Guide To Starting Your Gift Business

Unfortunately, the mere thought of starting a business is daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be. Go through our quick guide to make setting up your online gift business a breeze. 

1. Decide a Unique Name for Your Business

Always remember, people will remember your brand through your name and logo. So, they should be unique, eye-catchy, and memorable. 

It is essential to know that finding the right name for your startup can significantly impact your success. On the other hand, choosing the incorrect name can backfire and hurt your business. Additionally, it may lead to insurmountable business and legal obstacles.

Always choose a name that is easy to pronounce, scale, and abides by the legal guidelines of your business.

2. Find Suppliers and Stock

Like a well-stocked brick-and-mortar gift shop appeals to various customers, the same is true for an online gift shop. Starting your gift business would require you to have sufficient inventory. 

Having limited products will not attract your customers. In fact, it will drive them away. If you are concerned about finances, consider drop shipping. You need not buy physical inventory; you can easily list a gift item as new and have purchased gifts shipped directly from the wholesaler to the customer. 

3. Packaging and Shipping

For gifts and handicrafts, buyers expect the packaging to be gorgeous and unique. Everyone loves beautiful packaging, and your brand becomes memorable if you pack products in anything other than just a boring brown box.

Also, gifts have an emotional attachment to people. You can add personalized messages inside the box to give that heartwarming experience that people want.

Finding a suitable shipping partner for your online business can be tricky. However, if you have chosen Shopivana as your best website builder, you need not worry anymore. It integrates your website with reputed shipping partners such as ShipRocket, Delhivery, ShipDelight, Shyplite, Nimbus, etc., to ensure seamless deliveries. 

4. Start Marketing Your Gift Business

Marketing your gift business is as important as other operations. Since you have an online presence and the competition is ever-rising, marketing is that tool that can give you a competitive advantage. 

Leverage social media to connect with your target audience. Utilize search engine optimization to be on the top of the google results. And use paid ads for retargeting the customers to your eCommerce website. 

Apart from these methods, you can also try email marketing, influencer marketing, etc., to boost your gift business. 

5. Offer Discounts

Sales are a great way to attract more customers to your eCommerce stores. Offer discounts on occasions like Christmas, Diwali, etc., to level up your selling game. However, putting your store forever on deals can be bad for your business, so avoid doing that.

Want to know a pro tip? Upsell by offering gift-wrap services at a low cost. 

How To Sell Gifts and Handicraft Items Online?

There are two ways you can start your online gifting business:

1. Marketplaces

The first option is to list your products online on famous marketplaces, for example, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This option is ideal for new sellers as these are easily accessible and affordable.

However, although this journey seems straightforward, it is fraught with danger. It is so because the primary goal of any marketplace is to attract as many sellers as possible. Besides, tons of sellers offer similar products. Hence, it gets difficult for small sellers to survive the competition. 

2. eCommerce Platforms

The second and best option is to create your website and promote your gifts online. An eCommerce website builder like Shopivana, Magento, or Wix makes it easy to set up an online store quickly. These platforms have built-in themes and functionalities to help you accept payments and manage inventory. You can choose a paid or free website builder to create your eCommerce website. 

What Is Better – An eCommerce Platform or Marketplace?

It’s always better to start your online business with your website. If you’re wondering why, here are some compelling reasons:

1. Complete Freedom

Selling on your website gives you complete freedom over functionality, design, and navigation. You can select your website themes as per your choice and integrate as many functionalities as you require.

2. No Competition

Unlike a marketplace, you get zero on-site competition.

3. Leverage Marketing

You can leverage your best website builder’s marketing tools and promote your handicrafts business online. You have limited or negligible sales rules and restrictions.

4. Build Customer List

You can use the data gathered by your eCommerce website to determine future marketing strategies. 

5. SEO

Listing on a marketplace can be quite restrictive in terms of SEO. However, you can completely channel your search engine optimization efforts toward your website and see promising results. 

Ready to Start Your Gift Business?

The personalized gifting market in India has a bright future and is on the rise. It is so because India is one of the top rising nations contributing to the global gifting market’s growth. 

If you, too, have thought of stepping into the gifting industry, now is the time. As mentioned above, starting a successful gift and handicraft business online requires you to have your website, a wide variety of gift inventory, and a solid marketing strategy. 

Start by choosing a free website builder. Being a budding entrepreneur, the budget should be your primary consideration. Shopivana is a great eCommerce website builder designed specifically for small businesses. 

With 150+ options, it gives you the flexibility to choose a theme that matches your business aesthetics. Unlike other platforms, Shopivana is the only eCommerce website builder that does not charge any transaction fee. 


By now, it would be apparent that setting up a handicrafts business online is not a difficult job. And after an initial process of signing up, you’ll likely find e-commerce website builder Shopivana incredibly beneficial. The upside is that you can do it all from home and reach anybody, anywhere, at any time. So, sign up today and enter this booming gift industry!

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