How to Grow Bakery Business Online?

Thanks to the growth of e-commerce websites, there are tons of bakeries to buy anything from cakes to cookies with a single click. In fact, the global bakery products market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.12% by 2028. With the best website builder and effective marketing, truly anyone can start an online bakery business

This blog will walk you through how to grow bakery business online into a profitable online business, whether you’re a professional trying to bring a brick-and-mortar bakery online or a home baker looking for a side hustle. 

Let’s start! 

7 Ways to Grow Your Bakery Online1

While running a bakery isn’t simple, doing everything necessary to ensure your bakery business succeeds is even more difficult. To learn how to grow bakery business online further, read on.

1. Choose An Effective Platform to Make a Functional Website

Your bakery absolutely needs an eCommerce website builder if it wants to be noticed online. The right platform choice can increase your revenues and enhance growth opportunities.

People looking for baked goods can find your bakery more easily if your website is optimized and well-designed, also following SEO standards. Moreover, make sure the process for customers to purchase from you and make payment is simple and hassle-free.

You can use a landing form on your website to contact the intended audience. With this, customers may browse your menu on the website, leave their information, and then place an order. 

Furthermore, you can add top-quality content to your website to show off your goods to a broader audience. You can also post blogs on bakery products to engage visitors and earn their trust in your website.

2. Utilize Social Media to Drive Traffic

Social media is the most effective approach to draw in and maintain the vast audience following these platforms. So, create your business pages on social media and regularly update and optimize them.

Social media networks offer fantastic business potential due to their large user bases. Making your business’s social media profiles and regularly posting your blog posts are good places to start.

The idea is to maintain active profiles, expand your customer base, and drive traffic to your website. So, you can interact with people on social media in a few more ways:

  • Start a Facebook group for your bakery market or customers.
  • Find out how to use Facebook advertisements for retargeting users.
  • Focus on the social networks relevant to the bakery sector. For instance, Instagram can be more beneficial than LinkedIn for your bakery.
  • Social media platforms can also be used to expand your email list.

3. Attract More Organic Traffic

Most websites on the internet primarily get traffic from search engines, more particularly Google. Home bakers frequently underestimate how critical organic traffic is, even though it is likely the most crucial aspect of a baking business.

Knowing the fundamentals of SEO can help you optimize your website for search engines. Therefore, improve your website’s technical setup, content relevance, and link popularity so that its pages are more accessible, relevant to user search queries, and popular with users in general.

You’ll need content to attract traffic from search engines, which gets us to the following stage in this guide.

4. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Learning how to convince strangers that your baked goods are just what they’ve been looking for is the essence of marketing. A well-planned, data-driven content marketing strategy can cultivate a larger audience base by delivering relevant and helpful content. This enables you to increase targeted search engine traffic without breaking the bank.

Your content marketing plan can execute the following measures:

  • Have a separate blog page where you may organize your content using categories and SEO tags.
  • Create fruitful connections on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram by maintaining a consistent presence.
  • Post attractive images and videos that capture the activities at your bakery.
  • Even reviews and comments from these pages might assist you in fine-tuning the operations of your bakery.
  • Organize campaigns in shopping centers, entertainment venues, and other prominent settings. 
  • Offer discounts to loyal customers and ask for referrals.
  • Create a personal connection with your consumers to encourage them to tell others about your baked goods.

5. Take Data-Based Decisions

You can plan your bakery expansion strategy using real data. This is where Google Analytics, Shop Analytics, and Meta Pixels come in. These platforms allow you to see the number of visitors coming to your site, their sources, and their activities on your online store. And what’s best? Website builders like Shopivana can help you integrate these without additional plugins.

With data-driven platforms, the numbers such as daily/weekly order statistics are nicely displayed and carefully arranged. You can also quickly view your most significant traffic reports. Apart from this, you can assess the referral traffic from your partners to calculate ROI, hence identifying the most profitable marketing channels.

6. Convert Abandoning Visitors into Customers

Your website loses potential customers with every visitor that leaves. So, you must work on turning those visits into paying customers if you want your bakery to expand.

You can leverage your website builder to create several marketing campaigns to provide slide-in options, offer pop-ups, announcement bars, special offers, create loyalty programs, and more.

Moreover, you can collect emails from your visitors to create an email list. This way, you can guide these visitors through the conversion process. If you are planning to email them a discount coupon soon, they might be prepared to make a buy.

7. Stand Out From the Crowd

Through your bakery business, try to provide your customers with unique and excellent baked goods that aren’t already common in the area. Hence, you’ll stay one step ahead of your competitors by doing this. For this, conduct market research, identify trends that aren’t being realized, and then make the necessary changes.

For instance, consider becoming the only vegan bakery in your region or providing gluten-free options. You will certainly draw customers if your bakery is the only one offering a doughnut and coffee combo.


You can start your online bakery using a robust paid or free website builder. It will provide you with all the cutting-edge functionality you need to keep your online bakery business running efficiently. On top of it, the design features will make it appear stunning. It will make everything easier, from managing inventory to receiving payments with automatic tax and invoice generation. The ability to successfully convert visitors into customers makes it easier than ever to run or market an online bakery. And a website builder like Shopivana can help you do all of the above mentioned things, quite literally!

So, are you prepared to test this recipe? While everyone’s path to baking success is unique, you’ll do your bakery business a lot of good if you plan carefully, identify your targeted market, and leverage your online presence.

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