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Look no further if you have an eCommerce business and want to build a mobile presence to drive sales. An online mobile store is a way to go about it! However, the question is: How do you create an online mobile store? Well, all you need is a robust website builder to assist you in creating a responsive website. 

So if you are looking for the best website builder for your mobile store, keep reading! This blog will walk you through why you need a mobile store, tell you what your online store must have, teach you how to select the best website builder, and more!

Let’s get started! 

A Quick Checklist You Should Make Before Proceeding

It’s tempting to get caught up in the excitement of launching your mobile store website and start pushing things ahead. But first, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

Ask yourself:

Do I need a mobile store website?

Am I searching for a solution to keep track of my inventory?

Do I need a method to monitor analytics?

The answer is probably YES; you will need a mobile-friendly website for your online business. According to SaleCycle, 56% of online sales happened on mobile devices in 2021. It means almost half of your target audience is buying through mobile. 

Furthermore, the importance of functionalities like inventory management and analytics cannot be overstated for any company. But they are of utmost importance to those who engage in eCommerce sales. With the help of a mobile-friendly storefront, you can maintain tabs on stock levels, sales, and consumer metrics in real time. 

This data guides you about what to sell, how to promote, and even how to run your firm. 

If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself whether you could improve inventory management and analytics with a mobile store website. If you answered “yes,” a mobile-friendly website builder could be what you’re looking for.

Why Does Your Mobile Store Need a Responsive Website?

Your mobile store website needs a flexible website to ensure that clients have a great experience regardless of whether they are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It is due to several factors. 

A few of these are:

  1. An increasing number of individuals are utilizing their phones to explore the web.
  2. A mobile-friendly website will make it simpler for clients to locate you online.
  3. A responsive website will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.
  4. Having a responsive website will make it simpler to sell online.
  5. A responsive website will assist you in staying in touch with your consumers.
  6. A responsive website will assist you in tracking the performance of your website.
  7. A mobile-friendly website can help you save time and money.

What Should Your Mobile Store Website Include?

Your mobile store website should include a few key features to be successful. A user-friendly mobile store website with helpful information and consistent design is essential—however, a few more things to consider while designing your mobile store website are:

  • It should be mobile-friendly to access from any device.
  • It should be designed in a straightforward and accessible manner so visitors can quickly locate what they are searching for.
  • Your mobile store website should provide a choice of payment methods so that clients may pay most conveniently for them.
  • It should provide customer service so that visitors may seek assistance if they need it.
  • Your mobile store website must have a few crucial qualities to be effective. 

How to Select the Most Appropriate Website Builder for Your Mobile Store?

While there are many factors to consider, these are some of the most important factors to remember while choosing a website builder.

1. Consider the Qualities

When selecting a website builder for your mobile store, there are a few factors to consider. Consider the qualities that are crucial to you first.

2. Limit Your Options

You may start limiting your options after you know what characteristics you need. Many website builders provide eCommerce storefronts, but not all of them are the same.

3. Mobile Optimization 

Pick a website builder that lets you create a site that displays correctly on mobile devices. Most of today’s buyers are using their mobile phones to make purchases. Therefore it’s only natural that your site would optimize for mobile usage.

4. Compare the Features

You should compare website builders by looking at their features, pricing, and adaptability. Then you may be sure that you’ve selected a website builder whose abilities are a good fit for your project. In the following sections, we will examine these criteria in further detail.

5. Cost

When choosing a website builder, it is critical to consider your budget. For a variety of reasons, it may be your primary criterion. For starters, it may help rule out solutions that are too costly. A website builder with all of the features and extensions you desire but is well out of your price range is not the best option for your site.

6. Integrations and Extensions

No matter how many features a website builder provides out of the box, it is rare to include every part that every site owner needs for their site. In such a situation, see whether the tool has extensions or integrations with third-party applications. It ensures that you may add any missing elements to your sites, such as forms and live chat.

Now that we’ve covered some aspects to consider when choosing a website builder, let’s look at one of the most popular solutions.

The Most Effective Website Builder for Your Mobile Store Website

For your mobile store website, Shopivana is the best website builder. To begin with, Shopivana is highly user-friendly and a free website builder as it offers a free trial.

Shopivana will allow you to establish a mobile store website quickly. Furthermore, Shopivana is relatively economical, with monthly rates beginning at (price). But that’s not all! 

It is the best website builder for your mobile store website for various other reasons, including:

It is created with mobile devices in mind. It implies that your mobile store website will optimize for mobile device consumers.

It is simple to use. You can establish a mobile retail website in minutes without any previous knowledge.

The platform has many options, such as building a personalized logo, adding items, and collecting payments.


The success of your mobile business depends on your selection of a reliable website builder. Budget, desired features, and preferred aesthetic all need to be taken into account. With so many website builders available, choosing the best for you may be challenging. However, Shopivana is a free website builder you can take advantage of when it comes to the best mobile website builder.

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