Best Website Builder For Clothing Store

The apparel and accessories sectors made up 29.5% of all eCommerce sales in the US alone in 2021. Shoppers can now access the newest fashion clothing with just a click, thanks to online shopping. A successful online clothing store needs a robust website builder, a consistent customer base, and ample marketing.

Many website builders out there claim to assist you in setting up your clothing store. Choosing the best one might therefore be difficult. However, only the best website builder can provide you with the required presentation and sales tools. So, if you make the right call, your sales may skyrocket.

This guide will take you through the best website builders for clothing stores. Each site builder has capabilities that make them especially suitable for online clothing stores. Let’s look at them.

Top 10 Website Builders for Clothing Stores

Depending on what you want to offer your present and potential customers, each builder on this list has various functionalities. So, you can be confident that you’ll end up with a fantastic website with little effort.

1. Shopivana

Shopivana tops the list of the best website builders for clothing stores. It offers superb eCommerce capabilities and customization options to create your desired website, regardless of you being a small clothing retailer or an established fashion brand.

It offers a variety of premium website design themes and templates to serve the needs of the fashion sector. Moreover, it provides an app for managing orders, customers, marketing, and every aspect of your business. Furthermore, you can design and modify the theme using the platform’s user-friendly shop theme area.

Anyone may create a website using Shopivana, even without technical experience. Moreover, it provides websites at affordable pricing and levies no commission on sales.

2. Jimdo

Jimdo could be your eCommerce website builder if you want a bit of extra assistance. It uses an intuitive AI to assist you in creating your clothing store in a few minutes.

Jimdo’s excellent tutorials can guide you through every step, including adding products and incorporating PayPal capabilities. But, it does not provide any apps or specialized plugins for its products. Moreover, the Pro and Free plans do not have access to online store capabilities.

3. Tribe

Tribe is a fantastic self-hosted, adaptable, and secure eCommerce website builder. It eases creating scalable storefronts without ongoing costs. Store setup and management are made simple and easy through the user-friendly drag-and-drop CMS editor.

With multilingualism, multiple currencies, and simple tax management, Tribe allows businesses to grow in the international market. It comes integrated with APIs including Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, and MailChimp. 

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is the best option if you want to build a modern-looking website. It offers more than 100 fully configurable online store templates.

Thanks to Squarespace’s grid editor, you can modify any template as often as you’d like until you have the ideal website for your clothing store. You can use Squarespace as a free website builder for 14 days. 

5. Volusion

Volusion is a flexible website builder for various businesses and retail establishments, including clothing stores. It allows creating web pages in any way you like, customizing them to your preferences, and publishing in a few taps.

Its drag-and-drop-based interface is minimalistic, has editing capabilities, and is easy to use. Even free web hosting and domain registration are available with Volusion.

You can also take advantage of the e-commerce marketing services such as SEO assistance, PPC, social media marketing, and analytic tools.

6. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a platform for creating e-commerce websites that serve huge businesses and startups seeking global visibility. You can track shopping carts, create numerous filters, and protect different payment methods with e-commerce functionalities.

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The user-friendly UI is responsive, robust, and intuitive. You can design a web page, preview it, and publish it in a few hours. To increase your subscriber count, email marketing strategies, CTA buttons, and newsletter creation are all tools that BigCommerce can assist you with. You can also integrate your online store with sites like Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon to draw in more customers.

7. Weebly

Weebly is a user-friendly website builder platform to create an online store. It provides the ideal balance of basic and sophisticated functionality. This makes it appealing to novice and seasoned eCommerce business owners.

You can link blogs and upload images, videos, and text content to the catalogues on Weebly. Thanks to the tax calculator and GPS technology, you may track customers and bill them based on their location. You can manage refunds, compute discounts, and figure out shipping costs with assistance. It also allows using a single account to handle several stores and multiple products. 

8. Wix

Several alternatives are available if you want to host a clothing website on Wix. Along with its custom drag-and-drop builder, it also provides a variety of fashion templates.

Its templates do not, however, automatically adapt to mobile devices. You might need to make tweaks using the mobile editor to guarantee that your site looks excellent on all devices.

The Wix App Market has a vast selection of apps to enhance your website’s functionality and increase revenue. Moreover, it offers live chat, forms, PayPal capabilities, and other standard features.

9. SITE123

You can quickly build a clothing website using the SITE123 website builder. But, some of your design options might be constrained in comparison to what you could receive from other website builders.

SITE123 supports a large selection of third-party plugins. It also enables you to personalize your website completely. You can integrate tools like live chat, specific photo and product galleries, and more.

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Moreover, you can build your website in more than 80 languages. So, it is ideal for companies that want to reach markets with diverse populations that speak several languages.

10. has the world’s largest selection of templates, including many fashion-related designs. Its plugins are also available for live chat, shopping carts, payment integration, tax and shipping calculators, gift card generation, and other features.

However, a drag-and-drop capability is not available. So, you may need to be more involved with some elements. Moreover, you cannot sell goods on your website if you use it as a free website builder


It is important for your clothing website to stand out and engage visitors. The best website builder gives you the tools you need to wow your customers and give them an easy way to purchase your products without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Just pick a top website builder for your online clothing store and launch your career in fashion with a bang!

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